Exclusive Member Benefits

Receive exclusive benefits on best-in-class products and services that are utilized daily through providers you trust for telecommunications, office supplies, HR resources, and more.

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Complimentary Consulting Services

We have expert benefits specialists whom are dedicated to understanding the nature and needs of your day-to-day operations, ensuring you are receiving the best solutions that are necessary to run your business effectively and efficiently.

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Huge Savings amongst Nationally Top-Ranked Service Providers

We provide colossal savings, some up to 80% in pre-negotiated discounts through strategic partnerships that are cost effective, saving you time and money.

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Rebate Program for Associations

Grow and retain memberships! Help your members save money on existing expenditures and receive a rebate on every dollar spent.

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Bringing Affordable Healthcare Home

24/7 Teledoctor visits

Virtual Check-Up/In-Home Labs

$5 Telemedicine Prescription

Behavioral/Mental Health

Addiction Therapy

Medical Bill Negotiation/Financial Assistance

Healthcare Liaison and much more

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Key Benefits for Associations

  • Grow and retain memberships
  • Offer cost saving solutions to your members
  • Rebates on every dollar spent
  • Gain access to our Enterprise Resource Planning tool to manage your member benefits
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Free Consulting Services

  • Receive an in-depth, consultative conversation with one of our skilled benefits specialists
  • Get a FREE quote from nationally top-ranked providers
  • Use our purchasing power to increase savings potential
  • Gain access to our Enterprise Resource Planning tool to receive promotions, specials and more
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Become an IBO/Agent

  • Start a new career, or build upon your current one, with MBC
  • Increased added-value within your current book of business
  • Access to our Enterprise Resource Planning tool and consultative sales training
  • An extensive network of hundreds of top-ranked providers and their solutions
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Become a Provider

  • Obtain access to millions of loyal members
  • Take and grow your business to the next level
  • Increase your brand awareness by boosting your visibility
  • Achieve instant global recognition
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Our Providers

MBC delivers best-in-class providers to meet your business needs, from telecom, cloud, colo and mobility solutions, to office supplies, toner & ink cartridges, to cleaning and breakroom needs utilizing over 200 well-known providers like AT&T, Verizon, Office Depot, T-mobile and others, at significantly discounted prices.

How we help your business

Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit organization, MBC will work diligently to take your organization to the NEXT level. We offer great benefits for you and your employees to take advantage of. Call today to speak to one of our consultants at 312-880-1530.


Associations and their Members

Non-Profit Organizations

Small to Midsize Businesses

Business Telecom Consulting Services

We partner with over 200 telecom providers, including AT&T, Comcast Xfinity, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others, to ensure you receive the best services and savings. With our no-cost consulting approach, you have nothing to lose! You can stay with your current provider or check out other available options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t MBC charge a fee to join its benefits program?

Your MBC membership is absolutely free since most services are funded by their providers. The products and services provided have also been negotiated at a lower price for you to take advantage of. Many of these items you may already be paying for!

How do I keep track of our organization, member sales, and rebates?

Once you join MBC, we provide your organization with access to our Enterprise Resource Planning tool - a personalized portal that gives you the ability to monitor reports, sales, provider offers, and more - allowing you to partner with MBC in the success of your program.

Can our organization really save money while receiving a rebate from MBC?

YES! Our concept is simple: Shop, Save and Support. We share a portion of every dollar we receive from the providers we partner with.

Is there a fee for signing up?


Are you able to provide a product or service that is not a part of your current benefits package?

If you don’t see a product or service being offered through our benefits package, please call and speak to one of our consultants. It is our goal to negotiate deals for you and find products and services to fit your needs.

What markets are your services available in?

Our services are available in all markets across the United States. 95% of our providers are national providers.