Association Partners

Looking for a way to grow and retain your members? Look no further! MBC has uncovered the key ingredients when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty by providing benefits solutions that are advantageous to your needs. What’s in it for you besides happy and loyal customers? An amazing rebate program that continues to grow as your member savings do the same. Sign up now to get started or call us at 312-880-1530 to speak to one of our consultants about how our benefits can help your association!

Your Association MBC Platform
Exclusive Member Loyalty Website with over 200 national vendors, up to 80% savings
Back Office to manage your benefits platform and rebate tracking

Key Benefits For Your Members

Members can save up to 80% on products and services they use every day.

  • Office supplies Ink & Toner: Up to 80% savings
  • Healthcare benefits
    • Telemedicine
    • Discount Prescription drugs
    • Mental health
    • In-Home Lab Test
    • Dry Blood Test and more
  • Groceries. Up 60% savings
  • Phone Services, Internet, cable
  • Merchant Services – Raw rate credit card processing
  • IPTV with over 600 channels and many more

Key Benefits For Your Association

  • Access to over 200 nationwide vendors providing deep discounts, savings, and special programs
  • Retain and grow memberships by making benefits available to your members
  • Members keep their existing providers and still save money
  • Ability to customize programs as a means of fundraising
  • Access to MBC’s Enterprise Resource Planning portal to view and manage your benefits program
  • FREE customized website, marketing collateral, samples to raise program awareness, and much more!

A WIN-WIN Program

Members save money on products and services that they are already buying while your Association adds more value to the existing benefits program, helps retain memberships and receives a rebate on every dollar spent by the member, which can be a game changer financially for the association.