Our Vision

To provide Associations and Businesses with top-ranking cost savings benefits through strategic partnerships with our service providers. We will continue to strive to become the #1 benefits provider in the United States.


Member Benefits Central was created by Coast to Coast Communications, a leading provider of pre-negotiated benefits solutions to Associations, their Members, and Businesses on a national level. We have gone out and strategically fought to bring AMAZING discounts to our clients that typically only big Corporations would have access to. In forming MBC, we decided to adopt a consultative sales approach amongst our sales team to ensure we have a full understanding of all our clients’ needs, leaving no savings and benefits behind!

Our Accomplishments

To date, we have cultivated relationships with over 300 associations with millions of members, created strategic partnerships with over 200 service providers, and given back tens of thousands of dollars to our partnered associations through rebates and fundraising.