Towerstream is a leading fixed wireless Internet Service Provider delivering advanced,  high-speed Internet access to businesses in 12 markets including New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, Miami, Seattle, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas/Reno, and the greater Providence area, where the Company is based.

Towerstream delivers a reliable last mile solution. Unlike other Internet Service Providers, Towerstream owns their entire network and is not dependent on the local exchange carrier network of phone wires or cable offering a faster installation seamlessly and securely for less money.

With Towerstream’s dedicated symmetrical bandwidth combined with guaranteed 99.99% uptime, we enable IT Managers to put what was once their top business concern at the bottom of their list.

In 2013, Towerstream Corporation, formed HetNets Tower Corporation (“HetNets”), a wholly owned subsidiary, to offer a neutral host network solution enabling wireless carriers, cable and Internet companies to expand their network footprint and increase coverage and capacity to their platforms.

What we do:

Towerstream delivers reliable broadband packages, high-speed Internet broadband plans and Internet access seamlessly and securely at a lower cost than traditional providers. Towerstream owns its entire network and does not rely on the phone company to deliver a fast install to businesses in 12 major metropolitan markets. Bandwidth broadband packages range from T1 (1.5Mbps) to 1.5Gbps, and support VoIP, cloud computing, bandwidth on demand, wireless redundancy, VPNs, disaster recovery, and video services.
Using 4G technology, Towerstream delivers a wide variety of features including:

Speed and Scalability: With broadband packages offering bandwidth options ranging anywhere between T1 and 1.5Gbps, Towerstream can create the customized broadband packages and broadband plans to provide the best solutions to meet your business’s specific needs.

Guaranteed 99.99% Reliability: Towerstream’s 99.99% guaranteed uptime is backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), including outstanding broadband packages and broadband plans.

Fast and Simple Installation: By completely bypassing the local phone company and using multiple broadcast sites in several major cities, broadband plans and broadband packages are often installed in 3-5 business days or less.

Disaster Recovery: If your business cannot afford to have downtime due to loss of Internet connectivity, a redundant service with Towerstream is the answer. For a fraction of what down-time can cost you, Towerstream’s broadband plans provide a guaranteed connection for all businesses, worry-free.